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The Amazon Village is classified as "Special Ecological Lodging" by Embratur - The Brazilian Tourism Bureau. The Village consists of a central "open air" lodge surrounded by 21 bungalows, most of them with two separate rooms. The complex is divided into the following areas:


Reception and bar: With comfortable sofas and chairs, perfect for relaxing before and after excursions, or a chat with new friends accompanied by a local drink.

Recreation Area: Large terrace where you can sunbathe, read and relax with nature.

Restaurant: Great atmosphere for experimenting our delicious cuisine, three meals are served daily, as well as snacks in between the different programs. The food consists mainly of local products, prepared by the Chef on location. Meats, fish and vegetables nicely decorated offer something for every taste. Plenty of tasty tropical fruits are always served to everybodys's delight.

Apartments: There are 45 apartments, all with mosquito screens, two single beds, private bathroom with shower and veranda with a hammock, discreetly integrated into the natural surroundings of the tropical rainforest. The maximum capacity is of 90 guests in double rooms.

- The lodge does not have a generator and electricity is supplied by an alternative source of energy.

- Be aware, there is no power supply (e.g.110V / 220V) available to charge accumulator for photo/cameras etc.

The lights in the rooms are limited to the evening hours and no hot water is available.

The main lodge area is lit by candlelights and kerosene lamps. The kitchen and service areas are supplied with electricity continuously day and night.


Lowest and highest temperatures

Rainy season: January /June

Dry season : July / December














amazon jungle lodge

Amazon Village Jungle Lodge - Manaus - Brazil

Amazon Village Jungle Lodge
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