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      Experience Brazil's wild and exotic amazon rainforest.
Brazil rainforest eco tours

Discover the Amazon

and experience these magnificent and unique ecosystem of the tropical
rainforest in the Amazon Jungle Lodge.

  • We offer complete two, three and four-days overnight packages with guided tours and excursions, including full board & lodging, and transportation since Manaus*.
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  • Lots of activities and nature tours, according to package choice:
    amazon jungle tours
    Hiking - Hiking through untouched rainforest.
    Caboclo dwelling - Visit to a native "Caboclo" dwelling.(descendants of the indians)
    Flooded jungle - Explore the flooded jungle in dug-out canoes, spot exotic birds and other       unique life like fresh water river dolphins.
    Piranha fishing - Fish for black piranhas or tucunaré (Peacok bass)
    Alligator sighting - Alligator sighting by night.
    Jungle survival techniques - Learning about the medicinal plants, see a demonstration of your guide's       survival techniques, swim in the black waters.
    river sunset - ...or just relaxing in a hammock.
    adventure nature tours
  • All excursions accompanied by specialized and bilingual jungle guides with a lifelong passion for nature cultivated through training and experience in tropical rainforest biome, history and local culture.
This is the ultimate Amazon adventure
  • The AMAZON VILLAGE JUNGLE LODGE a remote and exclusive lodge.
    amazon jungle lodge
  • Travelers can expect quality service, excellent gourmet food, warm hospitality and a spectacular jungle scenery will surround you during your Amazon jungle experience.
    animals of the amazon rainforest
  • With many years of experience the AMAZON VILLAGE JUNGLE LODGE offers year-round quality packages in the amazon rainforest.
    brazil rainforest tours
  • And when you leave, you will take with you a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

The Amazon is the worlds largest and densest rainforest with more
diverse fauna and flora than any other jungle in the world!

Amazon Village Jungle Lodge Brazil
The Amazon Village Jungle Lodge

takes you into the heart of the forest, where the scents, the sounds, and the sights are all at hand. Amazonia of the great travelers has always been like this.
This is how we wish your Amazonia to be.

In order to get a real feeling of the rainforest, one must leave the big city. The Amazon Village Jungle Lodge in the middle of the forest offers a unique opportunity for an unforgettable experience. Beyond the words, the scents, the sounds
and the sights, forever in your minds.
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*The City of Manaus, capital of the State of Amazonas. The city, marked by constructions of relevant historical and architectural value, inheritance of the golden period of the rubber boom long since passed. Manaus is best known for its opulent, splendorous neo-classical opera house. Cradle of the indigenous culture, expressed through its folklore and exuberant habits. Gateway to amazon jungle tours, ecotourism, amazon river cruises, adventure nature tours, brazil rainforest tours, tropical manaus and jungle lodge manaus within the largest rainforests in south america.

The Amazon region, the world's largest remaining tropical rainforest, where more than one third of the earth's fresh water flows, hosts a huge biological diversity and many unique animals of the amazon rainforest. The Amazon's river, lakes, streams and marshlands support over 2200 species of fish and more than 250 species of amphibians and reptiles. Tropical rainforests are home to half the plant animal species on Earth. The river basin contains a wider variety of tropical rainforest plants and rainforest animals than any other tropical rainforest biomes in the world. About 1/4 of all the medicines we use come from rainforest plants.
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It is the most breathtaking natural wilderness on the planet.

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Amazon Village Jungle Lodge - Manaus - Brazil

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Amazon Village Jungle Lodge
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